Coasters - "The Greatest"

Coasters - "The Greatest"

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"The Greatest"

Artist: Dr. David Turok

Inspiration: Andrew Nusbaum

Artist statement:

Over 35 years ago, Muhammad Ali was in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Alan Nusbaum took his toddler son, Andrew to see the champion. When Ali proclaimed himself as the greatest, Alan yelled from the crowd to correct him " No, HE is the greatest!", as he hoisted Andrew over his shoulders. Muhammad Ali took Andrew in his arms and kissed him on the head. Andrews dad, Alan Nusbaum, was a Virginia Beach legend. He was known for his integrity and business acumen, but even more so for being a incredible family man and dad. His life was taken abruptly and early by Pancreatic cancer 7 years ago. It is humbling to be able to honor him with an art piece for his son and one of my dearest friends, Andrew Nusbaum. This story Andrew told me of his dad shows not only the Nusbaums well-known love of sports, but more importantly how Alan truly felt about his kids and his family-to Alan, THEY are the greatest. With all his business success, and exposure and experiences with so many famous athletes, it was always about how he could share those experiences with his family that was most important. Knowing Andrew and the Nusbaum family so well for many years, I know they are all in agreement that it is Alan that is really the greatest.

Product description

Perfect for hot or cold beverages, these 3.75x3.75 in. coasters are made from masonite hardboard tempered material featuring a cork bottom. Wipe clean with a damp cloth, not dishwasher safe.