Coasters - "Vitality, Reborn"
Coasters - "Vitality, Reborn"

Coasters - "Vitality, Reborn"

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"Vitality, Reborn"

Artist: Vy Ngo

Inspiration: Amy Mosier

Artist statement:

As a visual artist and physician, participating in Brushes with Cancer was a great opportunity to merge my two worlds. It was an opportunity to give back to the community, pay tribute to the incredible journey of all cancer survivors, and creatively depict the emotional significance of a person's life. Getting to know Amy Mosier has been extraordinary, because it was as if we were meant to know each other. Both of us have birthdays one day apart, and as Virgos, we are both high energy, creative people with diverse interests and talents. We are also very driven by passion and people while believing we can make changes in the world. It was like we were already friends. Her personal story is truly inspirational and her vitality for life is palpable. Her painting "Vitality, Reborn" portrays this through the circle of life, filled with imagery of moving water leading to growth and beauty, those around us that help build and support our lives, and the magic that happens in various moments throughout our journey. I am so grateful to know Amy and to all the other cancer survivors whose lives remind us that "from chaos comes order, from darkness comes light, and with love and time comes healing."

Product description:

Perfect for hot or cold beverages, these 3.75x3.75 in. coasters are made from masonite hardboard tempered material featuring a cork bottom. Wipe clean with a damp cloth, not dishwasher safe.