"Chrysalis" Yard Flag

"Chrysalis" Yard Flag

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Artist: Scott Klimek

Inspiration: David Richman

Scott Klimek's Artist Statement:

Chrysalis represents the impact from a cancer diagnosis as an explosion of chaos - eventually metamorphosing into harmonic order.

As a caterpillar casts off its outer coating, exposing the hard shelled chrysalis underneath, so too does a caregiver upon receiving the cancer diagnosis of a loved one. Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar turns to liquid, similar to feelings brought on by the flood of physical sensations and emotions encountered when facing cancer.

The caterpillar releases enzymes, which rip apart and dissolve cells in its muscles, the digestive system and other organs- but the enzymes don't quite liquefy all of the caterpillar. They leave key structures intact, like breathing tubes.

Cancer seems to have a similar effect on caregivers that can merely stand by and watch their loved ones go through the different stages of the disease. It feels like one’s muscles are being ripped apart, while digestive systems and other organs are wrenched by emotions, but yet, in most cases, the caregiver holds on to what they need to survive, like breathing.

In the end, we can only hope and endeavor to emerge as the butterfly....