"Find Your Light" Desk Mat

"Find Your Light" Desk Mat

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"Find Your Light"

Artist: Jeff Guerrero

Inspiration: Jackie Herigodt

Artist Statement:

From the first minutes we met virtually on Zoom, it felt like we’ve been friends for years. I’m so grateful to Jackie for taking the time to share her story and collaborate with me on this piece. I am in complete awe of her continuous work to help those affected by cancer in her role at Imerman Angels, so it’s an honor to be given the opportunity to help her share her own story. We took all the words she associated with cancer—anything and everything—and integrated them into the artwork. In the end, we created a beautiful juxtaposition of light and dark on the canvas together.

This is Jackie’s story, but a familiar story to so many others. Our hope is that this serves as a reminder that we will always carry around some bits of darkness, but it’s the light and love in our lives that help us continue to heal and stay looking forward.