"Foul Ball" Tote Bag

"Foul Ball" Tote Bag

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"Foul Ball"

Artist: Monica Jean Brooks

Inspiration: James W. Truver

Artist Statement:

After listening to Jim’s story, I set out to create a piece that reflected the complexity of his experience and the quickness of it. The image, though simple, represents something haunting and profound. It reminds us that not everything is what it seems. The softball is the catalyst in what has come to be Jim’s reality with cancer, and also his survival story. To know Jim is to know humor, determination, gentleness and strength. As the years pass, our stories take on more meaning. Our new memories melt with the old and certain moments become harder to touch. It is my sincere hope that this picture will forever capture a moment of unknowing and known, hardship and overcoming, deliverance and grace. With love and gratitude Jim, this is for you.

Product Description:

Our tote bags are perfect to have on hand for any occasion. The cotton web handles feature double stitched seams for durability. Dry clean or spot clean only.