"Pub & Grill" Beer Stein

"Pub & Grill" Beer Stein

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"Pub & Grill"

Artist: Kenny Lapins

Inspiration: Matthew Wolniewicz

Artist statement:

My inspiration and I met in his hometown and visited many locations that are important to him — places that help him feel "normal." One such place was the Pub & Grill at the golf course he frequents. The architecture and colors of the building struck me right away. My goal was to capture the feeling of familiarity, reproduce the affection we all have for the community, and portray the emotion of comfort for a favorite place that helped my inspiration get back to ordinary life after a devastating diagnosis. The embellished colors serve to remind us that art can be found all around us if we just take a moment to look.

Product description:

Drinking beer out of a bottle is out - pour your favorite beer into a stein that makes it look good, and taste even better! Care instructions: Handwashing is recommended.