Print "Standing In My Own Kitchen"
Print "Standing In My Own Kitchen"

Print "Standing In My Own Kitchen"

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Brushes with Cancer Artwork
by  Jackie Hilmes, 
inspired by  Amy Belluomini

The Story Behind the Art

"Standing In My Own Kitchen" comes from a conversation Amy and I had early on in our friendship. We discussed the many experiences and abilities that were taken away from her while she navigated her diagnosis, like the things she didn't anticipate she would miss. What she longed for from, her hospital room was something as simple as just standing in her own kitchen. We talked a lot about what wasn't on the surface of cancer- what it's like to be reintroduced to a brand new body, how it was hard to see the emotions of everyone who loves her, how to find space for a new normal, how the relationships she built with the nurses who brought her hack to life are what sustained her, and still do. I wanted the painting to encompass all of that: the complex layers- emotional, physical, spiritual, mental- that come into play during such a challenging, life-threatening chapter. There are dark moments of uncertainty, bright moments of hope, and everything in between. In getting to know Amy, I found that while her cancer brought forth challenges across all of those areas, she managed to find light, opportunity, and sweetness through all of them. It is my hope that you see her resilience in this painting. Amy redefines inspiration for me. She blooms in every circumstance. She fought, survived, was quite literally born again, and today, she's taking all the moments she wants to stand in her own kitchen.