"Transformation: Everything Changes" Notebook

"Transformation: Everything Changes" Notebook

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Artist: Jennifer Stumbaugh

Inspiration: Laura Cipolla

Jennifer Stumbaugh's Artist Statement:

When Laura and I first spoke, it was an instant connection. Her optimism and strength were the inspiration for this piece. Sunflowers follow the sun and represent joy and optimism, and throughout this cancer journey, she has embodied both, even when things were difficult. Family and friends are everything to her, but when she was diagnosed, she was alone in her home and had to process this life-changing moment on her own. The bee represents that moment of being part of a collective, but also laboring and processing by herself. Both the sunflower and the bee are a visual reminder of transformation - turning nectar into honey, and a flower blooming into seeds that nourish. Laura’s drive to truly live life to its fullest, no holds barred, is an inspiration that I will carry with me forever.

Product Description:

This spiral bound notebook includes perfect for jotting thoughts and sketching ideas. Wipe cover gently with a damp cloth if needed.