Yoga Mat designed by Lauri Andreacchio titled "Goddess Theresa-Kali"

Yoga Mat designed by Lauri Andreacchio titled "Goddess Theresa-Kali"

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Check out this one of a kind yoga mat designed by Lauri Andreacchio, Brushes Philadelphia with Cancer Artist.

The artwork was inspired by Teresa Daly.

Lauri Andreacchio

Marlton, New Jersey

Artist Statement: Theresa Daly-Wang, is my muse for this piece. I am so honored to know this beautiful woman. Humbled and inspired by her strength, her fierceness, her compassion and loving spirit, I am grateful to call Theresa my friend. I started this piece by setting the intention for holistic balance and healing. The under painting represents balanced Chakras. I also added Amethyst dust to the final layer of the painting to increase its healing power. During one of our first meetings, a Yoga session, we talked about the Goddess Kali, and how she is an aspect of each of us. Kali is the Goddess of beginnings/endings, enlightenment, liberation. She’s fierce, she’s fearless. She gets down and dirty for sure- as she takes on and defeats the most powerful of demons. She’s also compassionate & loving; when you are ready to let go of attachment to the ego she will shower you with the love that you are. Kali points you towards those parts of yourself that you have rejected, feared or ignored, she inspires you to transform your identity, and transform it again, letting go of rigid ideas of who you and others are, stretching your emotional range, your mind and life itself in delicious and liberating ways. Theresa truly embodies the spirit of the Goddess Kali. I was hoping to capture a piece of that light in this painting as well.