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"3 Colors" Notebook

"3 Colors" Notebook

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Inspiration: Dr. Antje Petershagen

Twist on Cancer: Cancer is a challenge that has pushed me to my limits and far beyond. It has made me grow, brought out my inner potential, my resources and made me the person I am today. I came back stronger and wiser from this journey and enjoy life unconditionally. Cancer comes when it wants; before it we are all equal, but it is our own decision how we want to deal with it and its consequences.

Artist: Alejandro Lopez-Rincon

Artist Statement: It was difficult to make an artwork good enough for this beautiful program. I was so lucky to work with such a wonderful inspiration (Dr. Antje). Thus, I wanted to do something great, meaningful. I tried different ideas, paintings, colors, but then I found an idea from seeing how cancer cells look under imaging with a red dye, they reminded me a cherry blossom tree. My inspiration has three different facets. The artist (blue), the patient (red) and the healer (green), so the flowers are in these colors to reflect her. I learned so much from her, her spirituality, her positivity, so that is why I settled on a golden background, that changes with the light.

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