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Twist Out Cancer

"A Sacred Path" Bistro Mug

"A Sacred Path" Bistro Mug

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Inspiration: Martine Derom

Artist: Mignon Dupepe

Martine's Twist on Cancer: I have always known about cancer. It affects everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, social status. I thought I had accepted it as a hard part of life, but when it affected me personally, it took a whole other dimension. It became this enemy that I did not know how to fight. In only a couple of months, it took my mom and my beloved husband, Bill. Mom was older, and I guess I was somehow prepared to lose her one day, but when cancer took Bill, when I watched him suffer, fight and slowly decline, it made me so angry. I think part of me is still angry. The big C took away the future that I so desperately looked forward to and wanted. Bill and I had found each other later in life, we were simply happy together, we wanted to grow old together, enjoy our golden years as partners, parents, and grandparents. Bill fought so hard, he didn’t want to go, never gave up, but big C decided otherwise.

I realize I am far from alone to experience such a loss. I have learned to live with it and continue the best I can. It has made me more vulnerable, more aware of the fragility of life, and I work hard to continue to stay positive, open, accepting and grateful for all that is and for what is to come.

If I was Mignon’s Inspiration, she was an inspiration to me too. I am so grateful and happy to have « matched » with her. I immediately connected with her. She listened attentively to my story, was curious about me and my feelings, and was a great psychologist! Her strong presence, warm smile, and attentive ears helped me sort out my accumulated luggage of the last couple of years and navigate through my emotions.

Mignon's Artist Statement: Ma nouvelle amie, Martine, est une femme chaleureuse, intelligente, et convaincante! Her story holds many twists and turns with cancer being one of many factors that have impacted Martine’s life. “Stupidly happy” is how Martine describes her relationship with her late husband, Bill. Second marriages for each of them, they were dedicated to planning out a meaningful life together. Bill’s prostate cancer cheated them both out of that life together. A survivor in spirit, Martine decided to move from their home following Bill’s passing for a new start, only to be t-boned and sustain serious injuries a week later. Recovery was slow and challenging as Martine learned how to speak, write, and walk again. Always an active person, Martine sought out new paths of activities like golf that she could practice following her injuries and neck fusion. Martine continues to feel Bill’s loss and the discomfort of an uncertain future on her own. Following Bill’s passing, Martine found solace in two returning deer that would rest regularly in her backyard. She believed that it was Bill’s energy captured in these consistent deer visitors. In the image of “A Sacred Path,” I tried to capture Bill’s presence through the subtle collaged deer in the forest of beech trees. Beech trees typically symbolize wisdom and knowledge for a long time. In the painting, the beech trees capture the idea of Martine holding deep wisdom as to charting her new course and meandering new paths. As Martine contemplates her ensuing individual path in an unclear terrain, I imagine her learning that uncertainty can be a sacred path. As Rosemerry Wantola Trommer describes in her writings, though things will never be the same, we can believe in curiosity, wonder, and change. We can revel in our wild and precious life even in uncertainty.

Grab this ceramic 18 oz. Bistro Mug featuring a curved edge and C style handle for your favorite breakfast beverage! Customize it with your favorite design or photo. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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