“Alt + Right arrow key” Notebook

“Alt + Right arrow key” Notebook

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Artist: Kristin Winc

Inspiration: Kenny Lapins

Kristin Winc's Artist Statement:

On a computer keyboard, the title of this piece means “Go Forward.” When Kenny trusted me with his story, the sentiment of moving ahead echoed throughout my creative process. His cancer was discovered as he was starting a new job. I met him when he was beginning to recognize himself as an artist. Since then, he’s become a TOC Board Member and brought a new member into his family. Change is constant, and Kenny masterfully embraces the positive with every new turn.

Kenny is a writer by profession, and the aftereffects of “chemo brain” make his work more challenging. That same experience is what Kenny and his neurologist credit his relatively new artistic talents to. This piece needed to encompass both his writing and painting. The sonnet that Kenny considers his best-written work and the letter order of a keyboard are layered in the piece. I also incorporated “Share. Connect. Heal.” because Kenny wrote the tagline for Twist Out Cancer.

Throughout the piece, numerous references to our conversations and his work are presented in literal and abstract forms. I also chose to use a palette that Kenny regularly selects for his work. Collage pieces of his paintings are worked into the skyline for which he is so well known. Spray patterns of his cancer are covered with colorful gestures made while listening to a podcast interview where he was the honored guest. There are many things to seek and find.

Product Description:

This spiral bound notebook includes perfect for jotting thoughts and sketching ideas. Wipe cover gently with a damp cloth if needed.