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"Alycin" Pendant

"Alycin" Pendant

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Artist Statement:

I am very lucky to have been chosen as an artist and to have been paired with an incredible soul. Alycin is such an inspiration and a great example of perseverance. We connected instantly and shared our stories. Alycin described to me how she takes care of herself and in the many things she shared with me - the one thing that stood out the most was meditation and yoga. One of the things we agreed on was the importance of self love and taking care of ourselves. I shared this sentiment with Alycin "that we are like a cup and can't pour love onto the world from an empty cup." We need to heal ourselves and do things that we like and enjoy. It was wonderful to be a part of Brushes with Cancer and to have met such a wonderful human being.

Alicyn's Twist on Cancer:

My twist on cancer is my newfound perspective around the depth of my own strength and courage. I spent years running from big, scary feelings, afraid I couldn't handle them. With my cancer diagnosis, life changed in an instant and I was faced with my most dreadful, terrifying, paralyzing feelings of all. I knew I needed to address and heal old stuffed down emotional wounds alongside the chemo and surgeries and physical healing. I needed to feel it all. And, I learned that I could. I am so much more in touch with my strength and courage after cancer. I deeply believe that in order for me to stay healthy I have to continue this ongoing healing process of connecting and healing within. And, as a result I've created more space inside for peace.

Take a look at our beautiful hand crafted heart pedants, which can be made with your very own photo, image or design plus accompanying message card.

Made from stainless steel they are available in both polished steel or polished gold and make an ideal and unique gift.
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Chain Types

Luxury Military Ball Chain Necklace available in 2 sizes 18" or 24" (61cm) with clasp or with ladies cable chain 18" to 22"

  • Made from 316 stainless steel
  • Available in polished steel or polished gold
  • Military ball chain 18" or 24" or ladies chain 18" to 22" box chain extendable
  • Image coated with Opti Coat for long lasting protection
  • Pendant Size 1.4" (35mm)
  • Waterproof
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