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"Cardinal in a Tree" Pendant

"Cardinal in a Tree" Pendant

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Artist: Melissa Kohanski
Inspiration: Jenna Camasta

Melissa's Artist Statement:

Working with Jenna has been an absolute pleasure. We spoke about her personal experience with cancer and also as a caretaker and wanting to have a positive experience associated with cancer. Jenna and I connected over our love of our gardens and also a connection to cardinals. I was inspired by our talks and immediately knew I wanted to incorporate nature and cardinals. Jenna told me that her favorite color is green and I immediately envisioned a cardinal in a tree.

Jenna Camasta's Twist On Cancer:

My Twist on Cancer can be summed up in one word: celebration. Cancer has always been a very dark cloud for me. I hid from my cancer because it always made people sad and uncomfortable. Ever since my mom passed away, people speak of her mostly in a somber and sad way because they always feel bad for me. I have been on a mental-health journey now for five years and I am in a place of peace with both my cancer and also the trauma of my mom passing. Twist Out Cancer has brought me a breath of fresh air. I have found a place that I can celebrate my journey and life, and also celebrate my mother’s legacy. It has brought me relief and has finally allowed me to talk about my experience without feeling pity and sadness. I will forever be grateful for Melissa, my Artist and now friend, and also this amazing opportunity.

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Chain Types

Luxury Military Ball Chain Necklace available in 2 sizes 18" or 24" with clasp or with ladies box chain 18" to 24" extendable.

  • Made from 316 stainless steel
  • Available in polished steel or polished gold
  • Military ball chain 18" or 24" or ladies chain 18" to 23" box chain extendable
  • Image coated with Opti Coat for long lasting protection
  • Pendant Size 1.4" (35mm)
  • Waterproof
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