"Eclipse" Tote Bag

"Eclipse" Tote Bag

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Artist: Amanda Wilson

Inspiration: Liz Sather

Amanda's Artist Statement:

From our first phone call, speaking with Liz felt like rediscovering a lost friend. There was no hesitation as she offered the raw and intimate details of her cancer journey and the subsequent rebirth of self. Her story conjured images of a lunar eclipse and how the moonglow is still evident, despite the Earth obstructing the light of the Sun.

Eclipse is a mixed-media piece that juxtaposes the radiance of the divine feminine light with the darker influence of earthly obstacles. The image of a crescent moon symbolizes the cycle of loss and rebirth.

Product Description:

Our tote bags are perfect to have on hand for any occasion. The cotton web handles feature double stitched seams for durability. Dry clean or spot clean only.