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Twist Out Cancer

"Empowered" Kiss Cut Stickers

"Empowered" Kiss Cut Stickers

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Artist: David Turok

Inspiration: JulieAnn Villa

Julie's Twist on Cancer:

I believe in moving forward, maintaining momentum. I was and am an endurance athlete and know my ability to own every mile in front of me with grace, courage, and gratitude is essential to being able to thrive as a cancer patient. I am in debt to my friends, family, and extended family of "Team in Training" that taught me to be comfortable with being just a bit uncomfortable.  

David's Artist Statement:

Meeting JulieAnn and hearing her story, the first word that came to mind was "strength". Rather than allow herself to be weakened by her cancer, JulieAnn is empowered.  JulieAnn has had more experiences with cancer than any person should have to face in a lifetime.  In getting to know her, it is very apparent that overcoming these battles with cancer is what has shaped her into the strong woman she is today. The challenge was trying to take the vast scope of her experiences and do it justice in a single painting. But JulieAnn really is a superhero. And as soon as the image of Wonder Woman came to mind, there was no turning back…  

Create unique vinyl sticker sheets to personalize almost anything! Kiss cut is a style that is only cut through the vinyl making these stickers easy to peel from the liner. The multi-purpose sticky backing allows the sticker to be placed on anything from cars to notebooks.

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