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“Eternal Roots, Illuminated Bonds” Pendant

“Eternal Roots, Illuminated Bonds” Pendant

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Inspiration: Shellie H. Gazlay

Artist: Anne Marie Morgan

Shellie's Twist on Cancer (excerpt): I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast and caught it at an early stage. Surgery, reconstruction and reduction and then radiation with Tamoxifen for five years seemed to do the trick. I did some more genetic testing but came up negative for everything. Again, I was afraid another family tree branch was going to be cut off, but the outlook looked good, until exactly one year to me being diagnosed with breast cancer my daughter came down with synovial sarcoma. Tali fought the disease for eight years but succumbed 2 years ago in Sept 2021. Yes, again a part of my family Tree was being cut off and I lost my baby girl. In 2019 I was again diagnosed with a more aggressive form of breast cancer in my right breast and since the past five years have been fighting this horrible disease as I am stage IV. Again, I did genetic testing and I guess I am in the 15% group of the general population that can get breast cancer or the gene that might be from my dad or mom that has not been found yet. It is all G-D's hand.I talk a lot of my family tree, and during these years G-D has blessed me in so many ways. It is not only about G-D trimming our tree…

Anne Marie's Artist Statement: Where creativity pulls together the tapestry of human experience, "Eternal Roots, Illuminated Bonds" is my testament to the resilience and interconnectedness of my inspiration and her family. This work is my heartfelt ode to Shellie’s indomitable spirit as she graces our world with strength and openness in the face of cancer’s presence in her life and the lives of her family members.
Shellie inspired a creative pilgrimage on my part. I was guided by her experience of loss, faith, and the fierce love of and for her family. With deep reverence for her story, I sought to symbolically capture the essence of her family’s lineage, rooted in Judaism and Christianity. The mystical family tree, adorned with glowing leaves, serves as a testament to the powerful beauty that emerges from the unity of family members.
The tragedy and significance defined by the synchronicity of Shellie’s sister’s and daughter's passing from cancer on the same sacred date in the Jewish calendar imbues Shellie’s story with a powerful love and ethereal resonance that I also sought to capture. The harvest moon serves as a symbol of the dawning of a sacred holiday and a message of hope. The outstretched arm, a bridge between realms, aims to embody the tender leadership of her angelic family members guiding their beloved kin from this world to whatever awaits us. "Eternal Roots, Illuminated Bonds" is my bearing witness to the enduring power of love, faith, and the connections that define Shellie’s and her beautiful family’s journey.

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Chain Types

Luxury Military Ball Chain Necklace available in 2 sizes 18" or 24" with clasp or with ladies box chain 18" to 24" extendable.

  • Made from 316 stainless steel
  • Available in polished steel or polished gold
  • Military ball chain 18" or 24" or ladies chain 18" to 23" box chain extendable
  • Image coated with Opti Coat for long lasting protection
  • Pendant Size 1.4" (35mm)
  • Waterproof
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