"Flowers for Kristie" Folded Cards

"Flowers for Kristie" Folded Cards

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Artist: Tayler Shannon

Inspiration: Kristie Teal

Tayler Shannon's Artist Statement:

Kristie and I connected immediately during our first Zoom call. We have had similar life experiences in some ways and both use silly humor, a mindset focused on helping others and closeness to family and friends to cope. During that call, I keyed in on certain things she said when discussing her cancer story and this led to ideas about my artwork. I had been taking watercolor lessons for nearly two years (interrupted for several months by the pandemic) before finding Brushes with Cancer online, so the artistic medium was already decided. I have about three years of experience working with watercolors.

My three-painting set, “Flowers for Kristie,” represents important aspects of Kristie’s story: bluebells for constancy and perseverance, daffodils for new beginnings and purple coneflowers for strength and health. I hope that viewers of these paintings can see the careful attention I put into each brushstroke.  

I believe that Kristie and I will remain friends beyond May 1st, 2022, the date of the fundraiser - this is the absolute best thing to have come out of this project, corny as that may be. Fortunately, Kristie and I both like corny, and I’m so happy we were matched for this project!

Of Special Note: I am very grateful for my teacher’s help over the last nine months since starting on this project; she assisted me from start to finish. Her name is Laura Poss and her lovely artwork can be seen at www.lauraposs.com. Thank you, Laura!

Product Description:

These high quality paper cards come pre-folded, packed in cello sleeves per 10 cards, and includes a white envelope for each card. Works well with regular ballpoint pens after short drying time.