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Gift box with artwork by Mike Harrell

Gift box with artwork by Mike Harrell

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Beautiful, crisp scents that evoke the best of nature & stunning artwork by Mike Harrell, inspired by cancer survivor Shannon Smith.

This spa kit includes an 8.5 oz. soy candle in a rocks glass, 2 oz. & 4 oz. soy candles in tins, and an aloe soap in a tin. Sea Salt fragrance notes are sea salt, bergamot, and sandalwood.

Mike Harrell's Artist Statement: 

I met with Shannon early in the Brushes with Cancer process and was in awe of her faith in God. She had such a strong belief that God would see her through her illness. It was amazing to see someone who could have such a strong faith after going though something so painful. I used her journey to inspire my work, so while

listening to one of her favorite artists, James Taylor, I started to paint. I had no completed work in mind. I put paint to canvas and let my brushes and knife do the work. The piece is a 30 x 40 acrylic on canvas with blues, yellow and other colors throughout the work.

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