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Twist Out Cancer

"Hope" Mug

"Hope" Mug

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Artist: Sheryl Ann Noday

Inspiration: Peter Beck

Sheryl Ann Noday's Artist Statement:

I created this painting after many conversations with Mr. Peter Beck. His love of nature was something I noticed right away.

During our time together, we shared many ideas, many conversations enveloping joys, as well as crises upon the planet we live. As a matter of fact, we rarely spoke about cancer. However, through our time together, he would mention the monthly chemo treatments and how he felt afterwards. I began to learn that even though he “danced with cancer,” he never stopped living. Taking up the art of “birding” during cancer and during a pandemic is certainly something to be admired. I knew I wanted to create a painting whereby he could see himself doing what he loved, to see himself healthy in an environment in which he felt free.

This is the power of art. This is the power of healing.

We can change the current image of ourself to something new. Something that we prefer.

I call my work magical realism. I purposely chose an oval canvas. The oval shape - like an egg - represents new beginnings, something new being born.

In my painting, we see an oversized hummingbird carrying a strand of pearls in her beak presenting an offer. A gift. The pearls are a representation of hope. Something we can never have enough of, and "something," "sometimes," people give up too easily.

When we lose hope, we have nothing to look forward to.

I made an image so Peter could see himself in a beautiful, lush landscape doing one of his favorite things. In a state of hope, in a state of receiving all that is beautiful. All that is calm. Sometimes hard to find in a world that is racing. I aimed my brush in the direction to paint him happy and full of life. My hope is when he views the art there is an opportunity to be at peace, to be hopeful and be ready to receive gifts that seemingly come out of the blue.

Product Description:

These black mugs are made from quality ceramics. Hand wash to ensure the print doesn't fade.

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