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"Infinite Charge" Notebook

"Infinite Charge" Notebook

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Artist: Michael Rosen 
Inspiration: Sophia Adamia

Michael's Artist Statement: 

Infinite Charge is a testament to the power of love and its ability to last multiple generations. A battery not only provides a power charge, it also provides a connection. Myeloma is not only how my Inspiration’s mother passed away, it is also what my inspiration does for a living. Myeloma is her battery, it is her charge and her power source. Cancer not only affected their family, it also is what they research day and night. Myeloma is her battery. The flowers, forget me nots also known as Myosotis, have the ability to grow in many different conditions and represent a promise that you will always remember them. My inspiration will not only never forget their mother, but they will be able to overcome anything and have a passion and power to fight everyday.

Sophia's Twist on Cancer: 

My mother and everyone with myeloma has been my inspiration to be the scientist I am today. They are my everyday connection to the chaotic and beautiful universe we live in. I have a daily ritual, every morning, as I cross the doorstep of my laboratory, I hum “Death, be not proud” today, and when leaving for the day I hum again "And death shall be no more….” we conquer you. One evening, my laboratory exit ritual was interrupted by a call from Michael. We started casually chatting about cancer and myeloma, how our entire family and friends are affected by cancer when one of us gets sick, and how we become active fighters against this devastating disease. At the end of our conversation, we concluded that every mom with myeloma is an infinite energy source for me and an inspiration for Michael. Every delicate but strong Forget-me-not on the “Infinite Charge” symbolizes my mom and every mom with myeloma, those I know, or I do not know, or I will never know. At some point in my life, I hope I will close my lab door, and I will shout outlawed Donne’s words “…And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die!”

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Our notebooks feature internal lined notepads. The A5 Note Pad can accommodate any similar sized internal refills and has internal credit card slots and bill fold pocket for convenience.

Size: 6" x 9"

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