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"It's Starting To Look Familiar Around Here..." Journal

"It's Starting To Look Familiar Around Here..." Journal

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Inspiration: Kelly
Artist: Jacqueline Carmody

Kelly's Twist on Cancer: Cancer took a lot. It also gave me a lot. Though I think it’s okay and important to say, “I went through something really strange and awful and it has altered me forever,” without the expectation of turning every negative into something positive. Sometimes life is just hard. But I do think there are some important things that can help ease being human: laughter, kindness, connection, hope, gratitude, healing, growth, creativity, love. Especially love.

My cancer experience (and my new perspective on life in general) can almost be summed up by this quote: “Life is hard but sometimes life is ‘wow, look at the clouds.’”

And I’m really darn thankful to be able to marvel at those clouds.

This program was absolutely wonderful. I’ve been struggling to express my cancer experience, and to have someone truly listen to my perspectives and craft them into a piece that I feel beautifully represented has been such a gift. Jackie is an incredibly kind, thoughtful, and creative human, and I am so grateful to have worked with her on this.

Thank you for letting me be part of this awesome program !! :)

Jacqueline's Artist Statement: Kelly and I connected on the phone throughout our time as a pair. We are located in different parts of the country, but both shared experiences of what it is like to be a young adult navigating life. Kelly had shared about her past, her travels, adventures, and her recent “wild ride” of cancer treatment.

Kelly shared how the cancer experience can completely turn your life upside down, and then spit you back out as if nothing ever happened. How exactly should you return to "life" after cancer as a young adult? It feels as if time was personally frozen, but the rest of the world has gone on its way and is expecting you to keep up. I chose to reflect this experience through an abstract maximalist painting. The image represents going on a journey, hike, or adventure and then getting unexpectedly lost.

The scene that I depicted is the point in the journey when you start to regain your bearings and feel more familiar with the path. This reflects how Kelly is feeling as she enters back into life as a professional, young adult, friend, sister, and partner. It isn't quite where she left it pre-cancer, but it is starting to feel like her own again.

The retro colors, design, and images are inspired by Kelly! She is a cool chick and the artwork encompasses her energy and very chill personality.

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