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Twist Out Cancer

"Letting Go" Kiss Cut Stickers

"Letting Go" Kiss Cut Stickers

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Artist: Madeline Schultz

Inspiration: Nicole Kaiser

Nicole's Twist on Cancer:

 I don’t like cancer. Who does? But for me having cancer

was actually a positive experience. So many great things happened during my

journey. I was blessed with too many meals to count, I had a different friend

sit with me during my 16 rounds of chemo, I had amazing nurses take care of

me, and I get to be a part of this wonderful program. I learned to let the small

things go. I learned I am loved by more people than I could have imagined. I learned that I am a warrior and fighter. I learned attitude gets you through. I don’t like cancer, but I refused to let it get the best of me. 

Madeline's Artist Statement:

Nicole is an amazing and strong woman. She lifted my spirits every time we talked. She took a situation that can be very negative and looked at the bright side the entire time. Floating lanterns are used to let go of past struggles and worries, and also to send positive wishes and thanks into the universe. She has let go of the pain of the experience, and focused on the support she had, and everything she was grateful for.

Create unique vinyl sticker sheets to personalize almost anything! Kiss cut is a style that is only cut through the vinyl making these stickers easy to peel from the liner. The multi-purpose sticky backing allows the sticker to be placed on anything from cars to notebooks.

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