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"Lighthouse of Love" Beach Towel

"Lighthouse of Love" Beach Towel

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Inspiration: Kristie Fields

Artist: Jelena Martinovic

Jelena's Artist Statement: I had a mental picture of the Lighthouse after we first met and throughout our initial talk. Yes, my Inspiration gave me the impression of a real lighthouse that, with its love and positive energy, guides others through the storms of life. I began my creative process by preparing the canvas and putting bits of paper together. I wrote down words that were significant in my Inspiration's battle with cancer on a few of them. As I placed them to the canvas, their record became an energetic component of the artwork. I painted them in layers, allowing myself to go through the artistic process. As I started working on the painting, I submitted to my inner direction and intuition and connected with Inspiration on a deeper level. The lighthouse arose again during this process, and everything came together. The image started to speak to me and instruct me on how to awaken and repair the innermost portions of myself. My Inspiration, which for me represented the genuine Lighthouse of Love—hence the name of the painting—was in my heart and head. My Inspiration battles the waves of life with her positive energy, love, and fortitude, while also illuminating the path for others by providing assistance, support, and guidance to anybody in need. Because of this, the painting's background features a turbulent sea with a drawing of a lighthouse and golden light strips. Layered and full of struggle, waves, strength, and love, the picture is complex. I painted the artwork in accordance with Inspiration's request, using the hues pink and gold, which my intuition told me represented my Inspiration's inner power and victory. A gladiolus, a flower that represents courage and victory, is depicted in the right corner of the artwork, summarizing my encounter with my Inspiration. I am incredibly appreciative that I had the chance to take part in and contribute to this project.

Why not indulge yourself with our stylish beach towel, perfect for a day out at the beach or for a spot of backyard sunbathing.

Our large beach towel measures 60" x 30" and is perfect for sunbathing on the beach or a picnic in the park.

Our towels are made with a soft looped cotton face on one side and a 100% microfiber fast drying polyester on the printed side providing a stunning and durable image that will not fade even in a hot wash.

  • 50% cotton, 50% microfiber polyester
  • Cotton knit loop
  • Soft & absorbent
  • Folded & sewn edges
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