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"Maybell" Ornament

"Maybell" Ornament

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Inspiration: Abby Casmer

Artist: Peri Goodman

Abby's Twist on Cancer: My experience was extremely lonesome, many people were sending their thoughts and prayers but it didn't take away from the loneliness of cancer. I got my dog, Maybell, just a few months before I was diagnosed and she has been my rock through the entire thing. She kept me up and involved in life, whereas without her, I would've been tied to my bed. Her personality and the bond we created over my course of treatment is unmatched. She brought light to the darkest parts of me and kept me from a downward spiral. Taking care of Maybell became my purpose, I had to make it through treatment because in my head there is nobody in the world that could take better care of her than me. Maybell and I started service dog training while I was going through chemotherapy and now, a year down the road, our adventures were able to become even larger. Maybell and I go everywhere together, everything is a million times better with her right by my side.

Peri's Artist Statement: “Maybell” celebrates its subject figuratively, through her portrait as the sole foreground and the grid of Maybell crocheted squares behind her. This composition pays tribute to Abby's tattoo of Maybell (albeit without her purple cowboy hat), with additional motifs indicative of comforting textures and warmth. Creating work through the lens of others' experience never ends up materializing as my first idea. Being paired with Abby encouraged me to work in a space that isn't often explored: lighthearted paintings from somber inspiration.

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•    Includes rustic string for hanging.
•    Made from sustainable Birchwood.
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•    Single Sided Print.

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