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"Never Not Tender" Wooden Ornament

"Never Not Tender" Wooden Ornament

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Inspiration: Lynne Tubbs
Artist: Kathryn Tubbs

Kathryn's Artist Statement:  My artwork depicts human disease, scars, and the body’s interior and microscopic matter. The images are abstractions created from source material of medical science. My exploration started in graduate school, while my family cared for a terminally ill child relative with cancer. Visually, the surprising colors of disease made a deep impression on me. Non-traditional color choices take my images from realism to abstraction and create a way for me to inject positivity into a somber subject matter. This year, I had the honor to work with my sister, Lynne, as my Inspiration, and it was an absolute privilege. Lynne is living with a tough dual diagnosis of ovarian cancer and early-onset dementia. Reflected in this work aren’t just for these past six months but a lifetime of communication and love. It has been very difficult to watch Lynne’s dementia whittle away her ability to communicate, especially when she needs it most. The painting I created depicts ovaries within a bisection of a brain with dementia. I chose graphic shapes and bright colors to create something like a visual medal and chalice to honor my sister’s grit, resolve and joy in the face of her complex challenges. The title, “Never Not Tender,” not only speaks to Lynne’s physical experience but also describes our relationship to each other in this process and always.

Personalized Birchwood Christmas Tree Ornaments – Capture Your Memories on a Timeless Keepsake

Embrace the magic of the holidays with our Personalized Birchwood Christmas Tree Ornaments – where your memories become a part of your festive tradition!

Celebrate the holiday season with a touch of personal charm! Our 3.5-inch diameter Christmas tree ornaments offer a canvas for your creativity. Whether it's a cherished family photo, a child's drawing, or a heartfelt message, these decorations will make your Christmas tree uniquely yours.

•    Generous 3.5” diameter
•    Includes rustic string for hanging.
•    Made from sustainable Birchwood.
•    Super high quality permanent printing.
•    Single Sided Print.

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