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Twist Out Cancer

"The Trip of a Lifetime" Notebook

"The Trip of a Lifetime" Notebook

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Artist: Gentry Woodward

Inspiration: Joseph LasCola

Joseph's Twist on Cancer: Brushes with Cancer is a great way to connect with a complete stranger, become friends and both share your stories (both cancer and non-cancer related).

Gentry's Artist Statement:

“The Trip of a Lifetime” is an artistic interpretation of the life of Joseph LasCola. Being paired with Joe came at a time of transition in the artist’s life, which helped created a closer bond between the two. Several hours and FaceTimes later, not only did Joe evoke the inspiration for the art on the canvas you see, but also an inspiration on the canvas of the artist’s life and soul that can never be forgotten. This painting is the story of the life of a stranger, turned friend. Beginning in Chicago where he spent most of his life, and onto Utah where life would forever change, this work represents major “stops” along the path Joe’s life has taken. After receiving his diagnosis of Myeloid Leukemia, Joe’s life paused, but never stopped. With drive foreign to most, Joe built a Chicago-inspired popcorn company sure to take Utah by storm. A future still to be trod, the road fades into a play on Joe’s mantra- “Good Vibes Only.” An artistic ode to the King of Good Vibes, the work sends the viewer off into life with the sentiment that “every little thing is going to be all right.” Step back, take a deep breath, and know that regardless of the stops along the way, the journey of any life is beautiful.

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