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"Rachel" Wood Ornament

"Rachel" Wood Ornament

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Inspiration: Rachel Duran

Artist: Magdalena Cuevas

Rachel's Twist on Cancer: First, I learned to release all things to God and accepted that this was something that I could not control. In my faith, I came to understand that God would use my experience to make me into a warrior and my journey would be a testimony for His glory. It was a truly transformative experience and He healed me in a miraculous way. I gladly share my story with others so they can know His greatness.

Magdalena's Artist Statement: My Inspiration's name is Rachel Duran. When Rachel and I connected via Zoom, there was an instant friendship. Rachel was so open and honest about her journey with triple-negative breast cancer. During our Zoom meetings, what stood out the most for me was Rachel's faith in God, her family standing by her, and the feeling that God almighty was there with her all along. Rachel expressed how she felt God by her side and not leaving her for any moment. As Rachel was expressing what she felt, an image of her came to my mind. I saw Rachel standing with her arms open to God, and then, as our conversations progressed, I decided to paint her hands up in a praying position. I wanted to translate the faith and light I saw in Rachel by painting a flowing dress with radiating light and a sky full of bright light coming through clouds. Thank you Rachel for being so open and honest and for being an incredible light of strength and faith. It's been a blessing becoming your friend and a complete honor being your artist.

Personalized Birchwood Christmas Tree Ornaments – Capture Your Memories on a Timeless Keepsake

Embrace the magic of the holidays with our Personalized Birchwood Christmas Tree Ornaments – where your memories become a part of your festive tradition!

Celebrate the holiday season with a touch of personal charm! Our 3.5-inch diameter Christmas tree ornaments offer a canvas for your creativity. Whether it's a cherished family photo, a child's drawing, or a heartfelt message, these decorations will make your Christmas tree uniquely yours.

•    Generous 3.5” diameter
•    Includes rustic string for hanging.
•    Made from sustainable Birchwood.
•    Super high quality permanent printing.
•    Single Sided Print.

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