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"Sarah's Apothecary" Single Linen Placemat

"Sarah's Apothecary" Single Linen Placemat

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Inspiration: Sarah Booten

Artist: Jacqueline Carmody

Sarah's Twist on Cancer: The experience I've had with Brushes with cancer and my artist was paramount during my treatment for Multiple Myeloma. Having someone to listen to me that wasn't in my circle, that I can say anything to, especially the things like the subject of dying, chemo brain and wanting to give up.Things no one wanted to entertain was beyond helpful. As an artist myself this was the perfect avenue for me. I can't wait to see the artwork Jackie made. She is and will forever be a crucial component to my Cancer treatment team. Cancer has been the hardest and most relenting journey I've ever been on. Having Brushes with Cancer in my toolbox was the perfect fit.

Jacqueline's Artist Statement: I visualized Sarah's story coming to life as I imagined myself exploring the apothecary of her mind and spirit. Sarah is not only a cancer survivor, she is a doula, artist, healer, mother, sister, wife, friend, and much more. The images depicted in the artwork are symbols and metaphors for life, death, growth, birth, tragedy, and love. I chose to keep a dark and textured background to leave a sense of mystery and unknown. This unknown is something Sarah is able to navigate with patience and grace. I hope to take the viewer on a journey as they observe the story of this beautiful woman.

Enhance your table setting with our exquisite poly linen coasters and placemats, crafted from high-quality, heavy-weight linen canvas for outstanding durability. Each piece showcases a stunningly vibrant print, adding a splash of color and elegance to any dining occasion. Thoughtfully designed with double edge stitching for a sleek, neat finish, these coasters and placemats are not only stylish but also machine washable, ensuring easy maintenance. Perfect for adding a touch of class to your meals

  • Extremely durable poly linen fabric
  • Superb vibrant print
  • Generous 11" x 15" print
  • Double edge stitched for neat finish
  • Machine washable
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