"Surrounded By Miracles" Baby Beanie
"Surrounded By Miracles" Baby Beanie

"Surrounded By Miracles" Baby Beanie

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Artist: Karen Chatham

Inspiration: Cindy Bennett

Karen Chatham's Artist Statement:

When I first met Cindy Bennett, I was mesmerized by her beautiful smile. I thought to myself, "How in the world can a woman smile like that after all that she has been through? She must be an angel in disguise."

We had lots of laughter and a few tears in several heart-to-heart conversations, and I just want to say that Cindy is more than an inspiration to me. She is full of positive energy that keeps her (and anyone around her) high above the circumstances of this crazy life, including breast cancer. She is surrounded by miracles, evidenced by a colorful aura of strength that shines as she overcomes this trial.

I am blessed to know Cindy, and I pray for her full recovery. She is really something special to me.

Product Description:

Made out of 100% jersey-knit polyester, these beanies will fit any baby up to 6 months old. Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low, with no bleach additives. Beanies need to be washed separately and fabric softener should not be used to prevent fabric pilling.