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Twist Out Cancer

"The Gift That Breast Cancer Gave Me" Frosted Pint Glass

"The Gift That Breast Cancer Gave Me" Frosted Pint Glass

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Artist: Emma Lyons

Inspiration: Lisa Weier

Emma Lyons' Artist Statement:

Lisa’s beautiful story, both as a caretaker and a survivor, is one full of layers and moments, people and emotions, victories and letting go. To envision that story as an artwork, I needed each layer to be its own set apart piece, worthy of being focused on and loved in its individuality.

During one of our visits together, when she graciously invited me into her home, we sat on her backyard deck and watched the sky shift colors as the day exhaled. She confessed how much of a morning person she is, and that she loves taking moments to herself in that very spot to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. (This is before she pours herself out during the day as a mother, a giver, and a friend.)

“I love sunrises,” she says. “But they feel so dichotomous.”

In optimism, they bring forth newness. Push us forward. Remind us that we always have opportunities to start fresh.

But, oh, the pain of seeing a sunrise when you’re in mourning. How dare the sun brighten the sky when your world is still so dark! How dare the world be able to keep moving onward when you can barely feel your feet to move them!

But move it does. And to invite both gratefulness and grief in at the same time is a lesson I think we all continue to learn throughout our lives.

The exciting second layer expands beyond the front of the canvas to the side panels, layering words on words - Because Lisa’s love language is language itself. The words on this canvas list the names of her parents, children, and inner circle of supportive best friends. They hold quotes from her parents that she still holds close to her heart, and revelations she’s documented of her own experience. Revelations of seeing how well she is loved, saying, “it is the gift that breast cancer gave me.”

As soon as it was on the painting, I knew those words were the title. Because what else can we focus on when we battle and support and caregiver other than the love we all get to offer and receive in this life?

Then comes the third and final layer to the front of the painting. My abstracture style covers almost completely the first two layers, nearly reducing them to guidelines for the main attraction.

And that’s the gesture that Lisa was drawn to the most after taking in how beautifully the colors in this layer blended together: that no one sees what’s behind your story at first glance.

I encourage you, dear viewer, to look in. To the depth of the painting. To the depth of the people around you.

Product: Description:

Our customizable 16oz Frosted Pint Glass provides a simple yet stylish way to show off your designs. They are made from recyclable, single walled frosted glass. Everyones favourite and a perfect gift for birthdays, bridal boxes, anniversaries and housewarming parties. Theres no reason not to buy a glass!

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