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Twist Out Cancer

Twist Out Cancer Tote Bags "Lighter Times"

Twist Out Cancer Tote Bags "Lighter Times"

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Brushes with Cancer Artwork
by Pearl Plotkin,
inspired by Roey Kruvi

San Francisco, California

Check out the unique Twist Out Cancer Tote Back featuring artwork by Pearl Plotkin.

The Story Behind the Art

Roey is an incredibly spirited, warm, goofy, and inspiring human. Meeting him has been a gift, and I’m so honored to have been able to be part of this experience. I honestly feel like I’ve known him for years. Roey went through cancer treatment in his 20s, and expressed to me that he is in a much lighter, more positive place now. I wanted to convey a feeling of transition through this piece – to show an exit from the vast darkness, and movement into a brighter, illuminated, beautiful space. While the memories and fear of what was will always remain, he has come out of such a scary time on the other side, and has entered a phase of growth, optimism, and joy with a newfound perspective on life. There’s a sense of peace when you’re with Roey. He’s calm, he’s curious, he’s funny. He’s a true example of someone who is grateful for each morning – grateful for the light. 

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