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"Two Sisters" Birchwood Ornament

"Two Sisters" Birchwood Ornament

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Artist: Caryn Frishman

Inspiration: Stephanie Leder

Stephanie's Twist On Cancer: My amazing mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and within a few months she was gone. The shock and pain of her death will never go away. My sister and I have found ways that our mother reminds us she's watching over us which Caryn has successfully illustrated in this beautiful painting. This painting is a way to remember and honor that our mother lives on in our hearts and memories.

Caryn's Artist Statement: The piece, “Two Sisters,” was created for my beautiful Inspiration, Stephanie Leder, who was one of the caretakers for her beloved mom, Arlene! Her mom loved blue jays and often saw them in their yard. And now, blue jays seem to hold a special place in the family's hearts. Arlene passed from her battle with Glioblastoma. Stephanie and I have been connected through social media, we send frequent texts back and forth, and we are forever connected from this incredible experience.

Personalized Birchwood Christmas Tree Ornaments – Capture Your Memories on a Timeless Keepsake

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•    Generous 3.5” diameter
•    Includes rustic string for hanging.
•    Made from sustainable Birchwood.
•    Super high quality permanent printing.
•    Single Sided Print.

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