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Twist Out Cancer

"Meant to Be Here" Weekender Tote

"Meant to Be Here" Weekender Tote

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Artist: Jacqueline Carmody

Inspiration: Jamie Zeller Bitton

Jamie's Twist on Cancer: I am a 10 year Breast Cancer survivor and grateful each and every day to be thriving and enjoying life to the fullest! I knew I had a higher chance of getting Breast Cancer since I carry the BRCA gene. When I was diagnosed in October of 2009, I felt shocked, sad and lost. It was the most difficult time of my life, but I got through it with my amazing village of family and friends who surrounded me with love and support. I was delighted to learn about Brushes with Cancer last year and to know I would be considered as an inspiration for the 2nd time this year. My partnering artist, Jacqueline Carmody, has been a pleasure to partner up with. She made it so easy for me to open up to and share my story. Throughout this experience, I was able to relive my story of survival by expressing to Jackie how I felt and what I went through at that difficult time. I was also able to share more about the positive aspects of my life after surviving Breast Cancer: Moving to Israel to teach English, meeting my husband Liad and giving birth to our daughter Maya Gabriela. We focused on my hopes and dreams as I continue to aspire to reach my goals and desires for the future.

Jacqueline's Artist Statement:

I chose to focus my painting on Jamie’s life post breast cancer. This part of her life demonstrates strength, growth, hope, and love. I chose the title “Meant to be here” because each detail, location, and experience within the story seemed as if it were an important ingredient to her life’s plan. Jamie did not let breast cancer hold her back. She continued to challenge herself in new countries and build healthy relationships. Whether each experience was negative or positive, it was meant to be in Jamie’s narrative.

The vibrant colors within the artwork reflect Jamie’s refreshing and confident energy. The triangle on the left represents her home in Tel Aviv, Israel. Jamie lived in Israel for many years throughout her 20’s and 30’s. Tel Aviv is where she learned to become a strong and independent woman, and also where she met her the love of her life. The middle circle portrays her current family which involves her husband and daughter. From the moment I met Jamie, it was evident that these two people are her whole world. I chose the image of trees to symbolize her family because they have strong roots and are grounded. The triangle on the left represents her current home in Chicago where she was raised, and also resides today. My intention is that this painting will evoke passion and hope within the viewer because after meeting Jamie those emotions were thriving within myself.

The perfect casual day out accessory, these totes are sturdy, spacious, and eco-friendly. The strong, durable straps allow for maximum comfort.

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